Easter Deals – How to Make Sure Easter 2021 is a Hit

Be sure to grab an Easter deal as you prepare for the upcoming holiday weekend!

Holidays are a great way to bond. With Christmas having passed by, we still have Easter to look forward to, creating great memories. Easter has always been one of the most celebrated occasions in the world. After battling snowstorms, icy driving conditions, frigid temperatures, people breathe a sigh of relief when Easter comes round the corner.

Easter has always been a fun occasion where families get together to welcome the much-anticipated spring season. People are ready to welcome spring with great enthusiasm and zeal.

People have been in isolation for quite a long time. To freshen up tired minds, there are numerous ways of making this Easter fun and exciting. Here are five ways to make this holiday a hit, and be sure to grab an Easter deal as well.

Easter deals

Fill your kitchen with scrumptious food!

Good food and great meals have always been associated with special holidays. It is also a way to show how much your family means to you, even if this year it’s just your immediate family. On occasions like Easter and Christmas families sit together and enjoy delicious meals cooked by their loved ones.

To ensure that Easter this year meets everyone’s expectations, be sure to stock up on these key Easter essentials! Abel & Cole and Real Food Hub will take care of all of your needs.

  • Lamb

Lamb is referenced in many Christian stories and has been associated to Easter due to Jesus being referred to the Sacrificial Lamb of God. In addition, Easter also coincides with the British spring lambing season, making this a perfect seasonal food for the holiday. Either way, a Roast Lamb makes for a delicious Easter Sunday, buy yours now here or here!

  • Eggs

For many people, eggs and Easter go hand in hand, whether it’s eating the chocolate kind, hunting them around the house or garden, or eating them on Easter morning. Add eggs to your Abel & Cole order now!

  • Hot Cross Buns

The cross on the top of these delicious fruit buns is said to represent the crucifixion, which is why for many this is traditionally eaten on Good Friday. Be sure you have plenty of these Easter essentials in your house, or have a hand at starting a new family traditional and make your own with a new recipe.

  • Carrots

Whether you’re leaving out some carrots for the Easter bunny, cooking them as a side dish for your roast, or using them to make a delicious carrot cake for pudding, carrots are considered another Easter essential.

Sweet treats

For many, Easter wouldn’t be the same with its various different chocolate and sweet treat options. For children, a large part of the excitement for Easter is wrapped up in their expectation of plenty of sweets in their Easter morning baskets. If you go to the shops, there are Easter chocolates abound, and the selection is almost overwhelming. Here to help are a few options to help narrow down your search for the perfect Easter sweets.

  • Oxfam Divine Eggs

Oxfam is a leading charity that helps to fight poverty. They are currently offering a two-for-one sale on their selection of Divine Easter eggs. So why not help support a worthy charity while filling your Easter baskets?

  • Cadbury Gifts Direct

Cadbury owns some of the most famous chocolate brands around. So whether you are looking for chocolate mini eggs, creme eggs, or a fun dairy milk Easter Cottage kit, you cannot lose by shopping the range of Easter essentials at Cadbury Gifts Direct.

  • One Pound Sweets

If you would prefer more of a retro feel to your Easter sweets this year, make sure to view the range at One Pound Sweets.

Treat loved ones with gifts

Easter is all about spending time with family and loved ones. To make it special, people often exchange gifts to add a touch of happiness on this occasion. You may come across many Easter deals for children to make their day extra special. Here are some amazing gifts ideas to surprise kids on Easter.

Easter baskets don’t need to be filled with only sweets and chocolate. Take a look through this list for some non-chocolate inspiration, and then browse our site for some Easter deals.

  • Art and craft supplies – pencils, crayons, felt-tips, and paints will never go amiss
  • Mini games and puzzles
  • Small stuffed toys
  • Play dough
  • Outdoor ideas to get ready for warmer weather – sidewalk chalk, skipping rope, blowing bubbles
  • Books

And remember, Easter baskets aren’t just for kids. Don’t forget to add a little something extra for the special adults in your life too! Rainbow Life has plenty of gorgeous options for both kids and adults, and they’re ethical and sustainable too, so grab an Easter deal now.

Add some excitement through interesting activities

Easter is not only about exchanging gifts and delicious meals. To make this holiday an interesting one, add some exciting activities to make this day a memorable one.

  • Egg Hunt

A classic egg hunt with kids would be an amazing activity to add excitement to the day. Hide plastic or wrapped chocolate eggs in the your garden (or house if they weather isn’t cooperating!) and send your children off on a grand hunt.

  • Egg and Spoon Race

Try this old-fashioned yet thrilling race. All you need is eggs and spoons. Take hard-boiled eggs to make the game less messy. You may have a relay race to involve all the members of the family.

  • Bunny game

This is a fun game. Pretending to be bunnies and hopping to the finishing line makes it a perfect game for Easter.

  • Arts and Crafts

On those rainy days, or for those you like to get more hands on with their activities, there are plenty of wonderful arts and crafts options available for the Easter holidays. From making Easter baskets, drawing bunnies, or designing eggs, Baker Ross and Toucan Box both have some fabulous Easter deals to make sure you have all the supplies you need.

Decorate your house

Holidays are all about happiness and celebrations, and for many that includes changing their surroundings to match their festive mood. There are many ways to make your home attractive and welcoming for the occasion. While we still can’t go out to the shops, there’s still plenty of time to browse online for some eye-catching decoration items to make your house Easter ready. And Punchy Promos is here to help you find the perfect Easter deal.

  • Fresh Flowers

There isn’t much that brightens up a space and changes the feeling of it more than fresh cut flowers. Serenata Flowers has plenty of gorgeous floral arrangements that are perfect for the holiday.

  • Make your own Wreath

If you want to put in some of your own effort to make some decorations, how about making your own dried floral wreath? Not On The High Street has a plethora of fabulous Easter decorations, including DIY wreath kits.

  • Personalised Egg Board

Add a bit of fun to Easter breakfast with personalised egg boards from Made with Love and Sparkle. Kids will love the unicorn or dinosaur designs!

From all of us here at Punchy Promos, we hope that you find all of the Easter deals and essentials you are looking for and we hope that you and your family have a very Happy Easter!

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